I’m Jay Golde. I’m a Creative Director & cinematographer who takes ideas and puts them on the screen.


From my experience as a director, there’s no greater high than bringing an idea to life. A friend once told me that an idea is worthless, it’s what you do with it that makes an impact. I’ve been working as a director and editor for over 10 years, and I’ve made every mistake in the book, but I’ve also learned some invaluable techniques to make the production and editing process faster, more effective, and therefore a lot more fun for myself, my team, and more than anything, my clients. It’s my job to make you feel excited about your brand, and allow your customers to share that enthusiasm.

When working with a new brand, the story is everything. Video marketing begins and ends with the objective, and the only real objective is to quickly and effectively communicate brand values to your audience. Through the use of camera work, lighting, and careful story telling, we do just that. When bringing your movie to life, it doesn’t matter what gear we use, all we want to provide is results.

Share your story with us, and we’ll share it with the world.


My key to being innovative is to create as often as possible, but never the same way twice.

- Jay Golde


I never considered myself a film maker, just like I’ve never considered myself a musician. I work as a producer and grew up playing music, but cameras and guitars were just tools to express the feelings and ideas I would constantly be having. Camera equipment is just technology, and technology is always changing, but ideas are immortal and innovation is the most valuable tool a creative can have. Learn to push the boundaries and you’ll never be bored again.


Don’t forget to clean your sensor ,



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